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Pet Friendly Bed & Breakfast in Delaware

We are speaking with Debbie from Lazy L Bed & Breakfast in Lewes, Delaware.

First State News: “Debbie, we have been researching Delaware Bed & Breakfasts and found that there are aspects of your B & B which make it one of those hidden gems in our state, especially for dog lovers.

How did you start your Bed & Breakfast?”

Debbie: “My partner Joanne and I opened the doors 6 years ago this past August.  I was a counselor working in Wilmington and decided that I wanted to do something where I could work with people and bring in some of the hobbies that I love, such as cooking.  So we looked around, found this wonderful place and bought it.

Right from the very beginning we’ve catered to dogs and their owners.  We have a soft-coated Wheaton terrier, a Beardy and a little Maltese ourselves and when we traveled in the past, the only Bed & Breakfasts we could find that allowed dogs were despicable.  They’d have cement floors, a terrible smell and unsanitary conditions.  We saw first-hand that there was a real need for a place that dog lovers could stay when traveling or just escape to with their animals every once in a while.  So we bought the property with this in mind and set it up to be dog friendly.”

FSN: “I have taken a look at the photo gallery on your website and it looks like a terrific Bed & Breakfast.”

Debbie: “We love it here.  We’ve had all kinds, shapes and sizes of dogs stay with us and I can truly say we have never had a problem with any of them.  Everything from Mastiff Great Danes to those little hairless dogs.  We’ve had them all here and their owners really appreciate the fact that there is a place where they can go that is dog-friendly and well maintained.”

FSN: “I’m sure dog owners love it and you must be getting quite a bit of word-of-mouth exposure.”

Debbie: “Well that’s true, for instance, quite a few veterinarians have stayed with us in the past and told their patients owners.  That alone has really opened it up to a lot people.  I would say 60 to 70% that stay with us are repeat visitors.”

FSN: “I know there are a lot of Bed & Breakfasts in the Delaware beach area, but your dog-friendly approach seems to really set you apart.”

Debbie: “There are a couple of other places that take pets.  I say that they “accept pets”, but we are “pet friendly”.  There is a difference.  For instance, we have a full acre of the property fenced-in so that people can play off-leash with their dog.  The area even has smaller fencing around the bottom so that little Yorkie’s and Maltese like mine can’t escape. We also have a comfortable gazebo that people can use if they want to just sit and watch while the dogs play.  No other place has that.

Each one of our four guest living rooms has doggie gates so people can let the dogs off the leash while they are watching a movie or reading.  We provide doggie towels and an outside shower with shampoo for people who want to wash their dogs, and doggie sheets to cover the bed so the dog can jump up on it. We even have extra doggie bowls and crates here in case the owners forget them.”

FSN: “You mentioned that you’ve never had any issues with the dogs.  They all tend to get along?”

Debbie: “We’ve never had a problem.  If a dog shows signs of aggressive behavior, the owners are respectful not to have them interact with other dogs.”

FSN: “I noticed that you’ve got a terrific view with quite a bit of waterfowl.”

Debbie: “A lot of people do come here for bird watching and if someone wants a closer look, we have Quest kayaks which can be rented for use on the water.  We do cater to people as well and not just their dogs, of course, with a swimming pool which is heated in the spring, summer, and fall, and a hot tub which is opened year around.”

FSN: “Is there anything else unique that you would like to tell us about Lazy L Bed & Breakfast?”

Debbie: “We have a lot of people that come in groups.  We do weddings here too and have had numerous ones outside.  We rent tents if needed and have a patio in the back with a Tiki hut that is next to the bar and our big fieldstone fireplace.  Visitors often have barbeques together at night and sit out there around the fire.

Our guests come from all over, not just here in Sussex County, but also from other parts of Delaware and surrounding states.  If anyone has any questions before visiting they can call anytime at 302.644.7220 or visit www.lazyl.net.”


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